BioSystem protects clinical trials specimens in transit

Published: 23-Mar-2012

New service from Marken offers prolonged temperature control for biological samples

Marken’s new BioSystem for shipping biological samples adds to the services offered by the US logistics specialist.

The firm has leveraged its extensive global experience in clinical specimens transport and has designed a system with technology for prolonged temperature control while also standardising box size for optimum freight costs and dry ice use.

Marken will deploy these new systems, together with its already proven logistics management style, across its global network.

The firm says the BioSystem assures product integrity throughout the temperature-controlled chain in three standard sizes: 5kg, 9kg and 15kg volumetric weight. Each is rated to keep biological products frozen for 72 hours or more. The systems are environmen-tally friendly, validated to conform to ISTA 7E enhanced protocol and are regionally IATA PI620 approved for the transport of biological specimens.

The new boxes are expected to reduce greenhouse emissions by up to 40% and have a smaller carbon footprint owing to the reduction of styrene, cardboard and using less dry ice. Marken says the system achieves better performance at the same cost as conventional solutions.

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