Broughton receives Schedule 1 controlled drugs licence

Published: 28-May-2024

Licence extends Broughton’s handling and testing of cannabis materials

To help category innovators bring novel cannabis and CBD-based medicines and healthcare products to market, scientific testing specialist and consultancy Broughton has received its Schedule 1 Controlled Drugs Licence from the UK Home Office for its Coleby House site in Yorkshire, UK.

The licence allows the facility to support cross-site testing with its nearby Oak Tree House facility in Lancashire. 

The Schedule 1 Licence means that both of Broughton’s analytical facilities are able to possess and supply cannabis flower oils and finished products.

The receipt of Schedule 1 combined with good manufacturing practice (GMP) enables Broughton to perform batch release testing for the medicinal cannabis supply chain.

Broughton’s scientists can conduct analytical testing, perform stability studies and provide expert toxicology consultancy. These services help manufacturers to build the required scientific evidence to support regulatory submissions and ongoing compliance, while ensuring product safety, efficacy and quality.

“Following huge growth in the cannabinoid market, there is an opportunity for companies to innovate and provide novel healthcare products,” said Chris Allen, Chief Executive Officer at Broughton.

“The licence enhances our capabilities as an analytical testing, regulatory consultancy and innovation partner in this rapidly evolving market, with the ultimate aim of improving people’s quality of life.”

The licence follows a rigorous inspection process from the Home Office’s Drugs and Firearms Licensing Unit. This includes inspection of the facility’s site controls, documentation, standard operation procedures for controlling and handling materials, how materials are tested,and how they are destroyed.

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