Certara introduces externalisation technology to its D360 platform

Published: 11-Aug-2017

D360 Partner provides secure data access and facilitates collaboration on drug discovery projects between pharmaceutical research teams at multiple organisations

Certara, specialising in model informed drug development and regulatory science, has added externalisation technology to its D360 scientific informatics platform.

The resulting new product, D360 Partner, facilitates collaboration between sponsors and external research partners.

The external collaborators could include academic institutions, contract research organisations or third party research groups. The partners all have similar data access and communication requirements to members of an internal research project.  

David Munro, President of Phoenix Technologies at Certara, said: “Prior to the launch of D360 Partner, this type of collaboration required a custom solution, posing challenges both from an information technology and an informatics perspective.

"Our new solution provides external research partners with highly secure access to only authorised project data. This new Partner option further expands D360’s faster time to insight benefit by enabling external collaborators’ work to be integrated directly into the research project.”  

According to Atrium Research, externalisation R&D expenditures nearly doubled between 2011 and 2017 in the biopharmaceutical industry. More than 75% of companies have at least one R&D partner and it is not unheard of for a major company to have more than 100 R&D collaborators across the entire R&D spectrum.  

Furthermore, drug discovery outsourcing is continuing to grow in popularity. A recent Visiongain report predicts it will become a $43.7 billion dollar industry by 2026.1  

D360 Partner was developed in response to client requests and is now being rolled out at a top 10 pharmaceutical company.  

D360 is Certara’s self-service data access, integration, and visualisation solution used to query multiple cheminformatics and bioinformatics data sources and make informed go/no-go and next step research decisions. It is used by more than 5000 scientists worldwide at both large pharmaceutical and specialty research organisations.  

D360 Partner provides external collaborators with access to project-specific sponsor queries and data views. Collaborators can also use the full suite of D360 analysis and collaboration tools, and share and annotate project-relevant information.  

A simple user management system allows partners to be added and removed as projects change.  


  1. Visiongain. Drug Discovery Outsourcing Market Forecast 2016-2026: Chemistry Services, Biology Services, Lead Optimisation, Lead Identification and Screening.

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