Certara launches BaseCase Portal

Published: 28-Sep-2018

The portal will enable life science companies to deliver therapeutic decision-making apps to healthcare professionals at the point of care to individualise patient treatment by making precision-dosing recommendations

Certara, a specialist in model-informed drug development, regulatory science, market access and real-world evidence solutions, has launched its BaseCase Portal cloud-based platform that allows the rapid creation of fully-customisable mobile apps that connect live to mathematical models and algorithms, and help healthcare professionals (HCP) optimise treatment for individual patients.

Creating an intuitive front-end BaseCase Portal will enable clinicians to use complex scientific models and algorithms that were previously only available in research settings, to guide therapeutic decision-making. For example, a company can now create an app that runs a mathematical model to generate a dosing recommendation based on individual patient characteristics and deploy the app rapidly to the HCP’s mobile device using BaseCase Portal.

Certara can provide a full spectrum solution for creating precision dosing apps by leveraging the company’s expansive model-informed drug development, regulatory science, market access and real-world evidence solutions with BaseCase Portal technology.

“With this new platform, Certara ushers in a new era of model-informed precision dosing at the point of care,” said Dr Thomas Kerbusch, President of Certara Strategic Consulting.

“In fact, Certara is bringing together its strategic drug development, modeling and simulation/pharmacometrics, market access, health economics/outcomes research, regulatory sciences and interactive mobile app development together to create this user-friendly platform, thus strengthening how our clients deliver treatment to patients.”

“We are proud to report that BaseCase Portal has been well received and was already selected by both a top 10 medical technology and a top 10 pharma company prior to launch,” Dr Kerbusch added.

“Our clients can now equip clinicians with scientific tools that were previously too complex to be used at the point of care. By wrapping complex algorithms into user-friendly apps, we can make use of a body of science that has been growing for decades but has been largely untapped to improve patient care. It’s a very exciting time for us,” said BaseCase Managing Director Dr Gijs Hubben.

“The next step for us is to extend BaseCase Portal to allow for the integration of web-apps into the hospital EMR, so that patient data can be efficiently shared without the need for separate data entry.”

Founded in 2007 and acquired by Certara in January 2018, BaseCase is a software as a service (SaaS) and value communication company that has been developing interactive mobile apps for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries for more than a decade.

Besides precision dosing apps, BaseCase Portal can also be used for diverse purposes such as providing education and facilitating collaboration. Examples include apps that provide product information, inform on guidelines and treatment pathways, and track the progress of global studies.

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