Cherwell Laboratories publishes guide to prepared culture media

Published: 19-Jan-2018

New eBook covers best practices and prepared culture media options for applications within the pharmaceutical and cleanroom industry

Cherwell Laboratories has published the eBook “The Pharmaceutical and Cleanroom Industry’s Pocket Guide to Prepared Culture Media”. The guide is available to download from the company website.

The new eBook, Cherwell said, aims to provide an understanding of the best practices and breadth of prepared culture media options for different applications within the pharmaceutical and cleanroom industry.

High-quality culture media is essential to achieve accurate, reproducible, and ultimately repeatable microbial tests for applications, including environmental monitoring, process and operator validation, and product sterility testing.

The eBook equips the reader with all the information they need to consider to produce, purchase, store and use prepared media effectively.

The guide covers the following topics:

  • Overview of the various applications of prepared media
  • Best practice guidelines for handling and storing prepared media
  • The logistics of in-house prepared media manufacture
  • The argument for pre-prepared media versus in-house manufacturing and guidelines on how to choose a prepared media supplier.

Andrew Ramage, microbiology product specialist at Cherwell Laboratories, commented: “I hope this booklet will educate and inform the reader of the many considerations needed to manufacture high-quality microbiological growth media.

"A flexible and reliable manufacturer of prepared media will be able to guarantee the customer receives exactly the product they require, to a consistently high standard.

"Once the reader has finished reading this booklet, they should also have a clearer understanding of the pros and cons of buying in prepared media versus manufacturing in-house.”

Headquartered in Bicester, Oxfordshire (UK), Cherwell is a specialist supplier of products for environmental monitoring, cleanroom bio-decontamination and process validation for healthcare, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. The company has 35 years’ experience in manufacturing Redipor prepared media.

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