DuPont introduces Tyvek 800 J limited-use coverall

Published: 18-Nov-2013

New breathable protective solution for Type 3 garments

DuPont, the specialists in innovative body protection, is launching an innovative coverall with Type 3 (liquid tight) protection. The new Tyvek 800 J coverall is based on the barrier performance of Tyvek and uses proprietary technology to combine oil repellency and durable protection against pressurised jets of liquids and water-based chemicals with fabric breathability. The garment is expected to be available from April 2014.

To date, garments made of Tyvek form an excellent barrier against fine particles and fibres as well as a range of water-based liquids and aerosols. Now, using impervious technology, specific to the new Tyvek 800 J garment, its barrier performance has been enhanced to achieve Category III, Type 3 liquid tight protection (jet) as well as oil repellency. Additional taping of cuffs, ankles, hood and zipper flap is required to achieve Type 3 liquid tightness.

The coverall, while limited-use, is both tough and robust; as with all other Tyvek coveralls, it is permeable to both air and water vapour for greater wearer comfort. It meets the requirements for protection against biological hazards (EN 14126), protection against radioactive contamination (EN 1073-2) and finally protection against electrostatic discharge (antistatic according to EN 1149-5).

Similar to other Tyvek garments, achieving an ergonomic fit consistent with the shape and movements of the user is at the core of the development of new Tyvek 800 J. Design of the hood, sleeve, waist and leg is optimised to achieve a close, protective fit when moving, which remains uninhibited by the flexibility and lightness of the fabric itself. Design features of the garment include a chin flap for increased liquid protection and a closer fit when wearing full-face masks, thumb loops to prevent the sleeves riding up, elasticated openings and distinct orange taping of the garment seams for protection and worker visibility.

'Employees involved in industrial cleaning or maintenance operations are frequently required to operate for long periods in humid, uncomfortable and often confined conditions,' explains Chloe Caux-Wetherell, new product leader EMEA at DuPont Protection Technologies. 'The protective garments worn by workers can sometimes be associated with the risk of heat stress while carrying out such work, due to the impermeability of the fabric to both air and water.

'New Tyvek 800 J offers protection against a range of low-risk chemical hazards and, in addition, is simultaneously comfortable and robust.'

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