New gloves range from DuPont for optimum protection at your fingertips

Published: 7-Jun-2019

DuPont is extending its chemical protective solutions with the introduction of a new Tychem gloves range

The new gloves offer perfect compatibility with DuPont coveralls to create a Tychem Trusted Chemical System, giving specifiers and wearers assurance that the appropriate level of protection for their chemical exposure risk extends right to their fingertips.

Commenting on the new gloves range, Andrzej Palka, EMEA Marketing Manager of DuPont Personal Protection,said: “Tychem chemical protective clothing from DuPont has long been recognised for its reliability against hazardous chemical exposure. However, it can be difficult to ensure that hand protection matches that of the main garment, particularly when sourcing from different suppliers who offer many different options.

“At DuPont, we want our customers to have full confidence in the products they select. The introduction of our new Tychem gloves range makes it much easier to choose the correct glove for the application and match it to the coverall. This level of compatibility gives assurance that the optimum level of protection from chemical hazards is being provided for the hands as well as the body.”

The new gloves range features various options in PVC, Nitrile, Neoprene, Butyl & Butyl Viton. It offers specifiers a concise and high performance range of gloves covering most chemical protection needs and a wide range of applications: such as tasks where solvents are present, laboratory and small parts handling, or working in wet environments.

New gloves range from DuPont for optimum protection at your fingertips

For example, Tychem PV 350 gloves are suitable for general-purpose industrial applications where basic protection from chemicals, oil and grease is required. Resistant to a range of solvents and acids, they feature a rugged PVC coating for good abrasion resistance over a cotton/jersey liner for enhanced comfort and flexibility. The rough grip, combined with a 14" gauntlet, provides excellent wet grip for more secure handling.

At the other end of the safety spectrum are Tychem VB870 gloves for prolonged exposure to highly corrosive acids, and which are suitable for military applications. These unlined gloves are made from fluoroelastomerrubber and feature a Viton coating over Butyl that provides a unique level of resistance. They are specifically designed for handling aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons - such as Benzene, Toulene, and Xylene - over extended periods.

To help customers find the right glove and coverall combination to meet their protection requirement, DuPont has developed a simple online selection tool called SafeSPEC. Using information from more than 1000 different scenarios, it gives users access to the most comprehensive combined data set for matching gloves and coveralls to application parameters.

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