DuPont Tychem 4000 S disposable coverall is comfortable and offers effective protection

Published: 4-Dec-2013

Supple and lightweight garment offers a barrier against a broad range of chemicals

DuPont's new Tychem coverall provides safe and comfortable protection to workers operating in demanding environments.

The Tychem 4000 S is made from DuPont's Tyvek laminated with a chemical barrier film to provide protection against a range of chemical environments and hazards while also being supple and lightweight.

It is scheduled for commercial availability in May.

The Tychem 4000 S provides a barrier to permeation from inorganic and organic chemicals, including phenol, ethanol and methanol.

DuPont has taken care to optimise the shape and fit of the garment, particularly when moving. It also benefits from several smart design features, such as a double-zip and double-cuff system.

Worker safety is also enhanced by the white colour of Tychem 4000 S which provides a contrast to a range of natural backgrounds.

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