eBook: Solutions for Vaccine Development and Testing

Published: 21-Jan-2022

Download the eBook to learn more about the optimisation and regulation of vaccine production processes

Shimadzu has released an eBook addressing the challenges of vaccine development. The production of high-quality vaccines requires strict control from production management to strain fermentation as well as from an active substance purification to harmful substance monitoring. This eBook walks readers through the development journey, manufacturing and quality process of lifesaving vaccines using various analytical technologies.

Download this eBook to learn more about:

  • Introduction and background of vaccine development
  • The optimisation and regulation of vaccine production processes
  • Data integrity & audit trail
  • Cell culture supernatant component analysis
  • Active ingredient testing and the detection of other compounds
  • The latest technologies and instrumentation required to complete the vaccine testing pipeline

Download here: www.an.shimadzu.com/solutions_for_vaccine_testing.html

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