Edwards Systems and Solutions: A tailored fit to customer needs

Published: 11-Aug-2021

Edwards Vacuum have a range of product technologies to offer its customers

Edwards developed the first dry pump – the Drystar, for the chemical process industry in the 1980s. Over the years, they have educated, developed and converted many chemicals manufacturers to use dry pumps for their production as they are much better in performance, reliability, maintenance and provide a better overall cost of ownership.

The product strategy for the process industry is “1+1>2”, giving them the advantage of presenting the entire technological product portfolio of dry pumps, liquid ring pumps, rotary vane pumps, boosters and ejectors. To live up to that opportunity, Edwards has a highly experienced team of application and proposal engineers, located in regions close to its customers to assist with the selection, sizing and design of vacuum pumping systems and to meet the customers’ vacuum needs. Their vacuum modelling software in turn will help to specify the right pump options to the customer depending on their process composition and other requirements.

Engineers are in place to handle the order execution of the vacuum system from receipt of order through to design, assembly and test. Furthermore, a team of commissioning engineers supports the installation on site. With wide application expertise in the field of chemical and pharmaceutical industry, Edwards can ensure to offer the best solution for the customer’s vacuum needs. This includes:

  • Calculating the required vacuum pump capacity based on application data together with selecting the right vacuum technology, based on over 100 years’ experience.
  • Review special specification and design the vacuum system in accordance with the customer’s specification and application requirements.
  • Determine the best operating procedure in line with the customer’s application.
  • Design control equipment based on the customer’s requirements.
  • Commissioning and installation.
The Edwards EDS 300 dry screw vacuum pump with an EH 1200 mechanical booster pump on top, fully ATEX compliant

The Edwards EDS 300 dry screw vacuum pump with an EH 1200 mechanical booster pump on top, fully ATEX compliant

Wherever required, Edwards designs individual bespoke solutions to handle harsh, hazardous and corrosive chemicals; this will typically include a vacuum pump system with a series of accessory modules to make sure the pumping system runs with maximum uptime including:

  • Mechanical boosters – for increased pumping speed and improved ultimate vacuum.
  • Different gas purges which can be used to dilute flammables, prevent condensation inside the vacuum and prevent process gases entering the gearboxes thus extending the life of bearings and gearbox oils.
  • Safety devices – flame arrestors, solvent flush, inlet isolation valves.
  • Recovery vessels for solvents or other fluids – knock-out pot, condenser, receiver.
  • Acoustic devices to reduce the pulsation in the exhaust and reduce noise – silencers (drainable).
  • Monitors and controls: from gauges and 4–20 mA transmitters to fully enclosed bespoke control units – temperature and pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, rotation sensors, inverter drives, control box.

Contact Edwards now to discuss your process requirements and get your proposal for an individual solution tailored to your specific needs!

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