Free pipette check guide

Published: 29-Jun-2018

Ensure lab data is accurate and reduce overall failure risk with this guide form Mettler Toledo, the experts in quality weighing and measuring solutions

Are you planning an important experiment, perhaps with rare or precious substances? Do you need to ensure that the pipette used measures correctly?

It's common that pipettes get dropped and parts wear out so why not verify the performance of your pipette by doing a gravimetrical quick check on your laboratory balance – an excellent way to ensure the accuracy of your data and reduce overall failure risk.

Download the new Pipette Check Guide from Mettler Toledo and make pipette tests easy to perform.

Simply visit for your copy.

All you need is a balance, a vessel, or even better - an evaporation trap, some deionised water and the free guide with 5 Practical Tips, also including an SOP.

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