Density measurement in seconds

Published: 7-Jun-2018

Mettler Toledo, leading supplier of quality weighing and measuring solutions, has released a new handheld density meter

Are your density measurements taking longer than a minute? Are results not meeting your expected accuracy or repeatability?

With the Density2Go, Mettler Toledo's latest handheld density meter, benefit from:

  • Automatic temperature compensation: Simply measure at any temperature and go
  • Reduced measurement uncertainty: Achieve ± 0.001 g/cm3 measurement accuracy across a wide range of samples
  • Results delivered in requested unit: The Density2Go calculates results in specific gravity, Brix, American Petroleum Institute (API) units and many more
  • Comprehensive results storage: Up to 1,100 results are stored on the instrument
  • No tedious cleaning and drying of glassware: Simply rinse with a cleaning solvent or the next sample and measure again!

To find out more and discuss you requirements email or call 0116 234 5255.

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