Hi Tec Zang LabVision: process visualisation and control from Labtex

Published: 27-Mar-2023

A process is monitored, controlled and regulated using LabVision and all procedures are recorded and archived

LabVision is the trend-setting, modular visualisation and automation software system for the automation of devices from HiTec Zang and Labtex. A process is monitored, controlled and regulated using LabVision and all procedures are recorded and archived.

The processing system is shown on the display as a dynamic flow diagram for monitoring and operating. The online evaluation provides important information on your process at run time. The process data chain ranges from the definition of the experiment up to the laboratory information management system.

LabVision is, in the opinion of many users, currently the most powerful and most prestigious research process control system (RPCS) software. It is particularly suited for the visualisation and automation of flow and batch processes in laboratory, scale up, pilot plant, mini-plant and production areas in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and foodstuffs technology industries. Thanks to its flexibility, it is also used in other sectors, such as landfill, solar and environmental technology.

LabVision may be used at different levels of complexity. If you wish to benefit from LabVision as a pure user, one day of instruction is usually sufficient in order to learn everything which is necessary.

But even if you wish to create automation projects for varying systems yourself, you can learn how to do this in one day with a suitably equipped workplace.

This is enabled through the project module library which contains predefined project modules for all important basic functions, such as temperature controlling, dosing, regulation of the pH value or vacuum, distillation etc. 

A familiarisation period of only about one week is required for specialists who wish to learn about all of the possibilities of parameterisation and programming in place of the month-long training courses required for conventional distributed control systems. 

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