DGP Intelsius are expert designers and manufacturers of environmentally sustainable and regulatory compliant sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging solutions.

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We have 20 years of experience helping some of the world's biggest pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations achieve excellence in cold chain and sample transport logistics.

We have a global footprint, with offices and suppliers on every continent, meaning we can flex to meet demand as and when it arises. In addition, our expert Technical Team and ISTA-certified laboratory ensure we can design, test and qualify your packaging with your specific payload and shipping lane in mind.

So, whether it's large-scale international pharmaceutical shipments or local shipments of UN Category A and B Infectious Substances, we have a packaging solution for you.

Our Solutions

We design and manufacture a wide range of packaging solutions for a variety of payload types. We also offer bespoke services such as a product development, and ISTA-certified testing services.

Temperature-Controlled Packaging Solutions

Our temperature-controlled packaging solutions span 1 and 2L handheld solutions to pallet-sized solutions for large-scale pharmaceutical shipments. Our packaging also spans temperature-ranges from dry ice/-20°C, 2-8°C and 15-25°C and provides up to 120+ temperature protection. Solutions include:

  • Parcel Shippers
  • Pallet Shippers
  • Personal Shippers
  • Connected Shippers
  • Dry Ice Shippers
  • Data Loggers
  • Sample Transport

Sample Transport Packaging Solutions

We’re also expert designers of Category A and UN3373 Category B compliant sample transport solutions. Our solutions are suitable for small-scale individual sample shipments, right up to large-scale clinical trials and healthcare testing programmes. Whether it’s blood, urine, swab samples or human tissue, we have a solution to meet your needs. Solutions include:

  • Category B UN3373 Packaging
  • Category A Packaging
  • Temperature-Controlled Sample Transport
  • 95kPa Bags
  • Postal Kits

Technical Services

Beyond our extensive range of old-the-shelf packaging solutions, we offer expert in-house Technical Services and an ISTA-certified laboratory. Intelsius Technical Services are designed with your bespoke packaging needs in mind, ensuring your payload gets from A to B without losing efficacy and achieving full compliance.

  • Bespoke Product Development
  • Thermal, Virtual and Physical Testing
  • ISTA-certified laboratory
  • Dedicated team of technical experts and designers

Why Choose Intelsius’ Packaging Solutions and Services?

We have over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing high-quality, compliant temperature-controlled and sample transport packaging. We are the trusted partner of globally recognised pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations, helping to ship high-value pharmaceutical products across every continent.

  • 20 years of experience
  • Wide range of packaging solutions
  • In-house Technical Services
  • ISTA-certified laboratory
  • Trusted packaging partner of hundreds of global brands
  • Global footprint with offices and suppliers on every continent

If you have questions about how Intelsius could support your cold chain, click here to find your local office and get in touch with a member of our team.

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