Nanoform launches technology for biologics

Published: 27-Nov-2020

The technology is in its early stages of development and a patent application has recently been filed with the US Patent Office for the technology

Nanoform has announced a proprietary technology to form biological nanoparticles as small as 50 nm and announced a near-term business target for 2021 to deliver its first biologics proof of concept project for the technology with a pharmaceutical or biotech partner.

As of today, Nanoform has two non-GMP lines on the biologics side in addition to the eight CESS small molecule nanoparticle technology non-GMP lines.

Prof Edward Haeggstrom, Nanoform CEO said: “Small is powerful, also in Bio! We are committed to improving patients’ lives and supporting our pharmaceutical partners in developing the best medicines possible. Having established our CESS small molecule nanoparticle technology to GMP, we continue to focus on delivering value for our partners and now we can extend our partnerships into supporting their biological programs. There are significant challenges in drug development in this space and we look forward to working closely with pharma and biotech partners to discover how we can add value to their programs, provide patient benefit and competitive product differentiation.”

Prof. Niklas Sandler, Nanoform CTO said: “We have for several years been developing this new exciting technology for Biologics, side by side with our CESS® small molecule nanoparticle technology, and it is with great excitement we now start to introduce it to our pharma partners. Potential applications could be in improving delivery route, uptake, and drug loading capacity in formulations and in enabling new drug combinations, tailoring of release profiles and implementing lighter infrastructure for drug logistics.”

Christian Jones, Nanoform CCO said: “It is rare for any company to bring to market two groundbreaking platform technologies that could open up significant opportunities for the global pharma industry. I am delighted we are introducing this early development nanoparticle technology in the field of biologics as there are so many areas where nanoparticles can add value in this hugely promising but significantly challenging space. We look forward to exploring the potential advantages with our Pharma and Biotech partners in the hope we can together make better medicines for patients.”

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