$9m goes towards advancing biopharma manufacturing in the US


NIIMBL has selected 15 new technology and talent development projects to advance the field

m goes towards advancing biopharma manufacturing in the US

The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL) has selected 15 new technology and talent development projects to receive funding. The projects are designed to advance biopharmaceutical manufacturing in the US.

Subject to project award agreement negotiations, the selected projects have a total value of approximately US$9 million with $4.3m in funding from NIIMBL and the remaining funds contributed by participating organisations.

With the addition of these nine technology and six talent development projects, NIIMBL’s portfolio grows to 58 projects with a total investment reaching nearly $58m since 2017.

The subjects of these projects range from analytical assays, upstream and downstream processes to approaches used for both existing and emerging products, and even span new biopharmaceutical curricula at colleges and universities.

This latest round of projects includes collaboration between 35 NIIMBL members and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Across the portfolio, there are a total of 77 organisations actively participating on NIIMBL-funded technology and talent development projects including federal agencies NIST and the FDA.

“These new projects further strengthen NIIMBL’s commitment to addressing common challenges and advancing manufacturing technologies and talent development programmes for the US biopharmaceutical industry,” said Kelvin Lee, NIIMBL Institute Director. “We look forward to working closely with these teams as these projects develop.”

These projects were selected from the pool of proposals submitted in response to NIIMBL’s Project Call 2.2 announced on 30 November 2018. The call for proposals solicited innovative concepts addressing shared technology challenges and workforce gaps in the biopharmaceutical industry.

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To see the full list of chosen innovation projects, go to the NIIMBL website.