ACHEMA 2012: Telstar debuts modular sterilisation system developed with KeyPlants

Published: 20-Jun-2012

Can be delivered anywhere in the world within 8-12 months

Telstar is presenting for the first time, with KeyPlants of Sweden, a complex modular installation for sterilisation of biopharmaceutical products, which is part of a biotech facility for cell-culture production. The installation on show, which is to scale and one-third of a full-size module (5.5m length x 3.3m width x 3.2m high), demonstrates how the modular concept can be applied to pharmaceutical process facilities.

The Spanish firm says the modular concept is suitable for all process areas, within an existing building or attached to it, and can be delivered anywhere in the world within 8–12 months.

The modular design divides the process into functional and repeatable modules, which simplifies pre-fabrication and enhances the predictability of the project. It also significantly reduces time to market for products such as pandemic vaccines and new cytostatics.

Telstar is also showing a system for pharmaceutical process drying applications using the novel ‘micro powder drying’ technology to convert liquid solutions into a dry powder form. This technology includes a freeze drying process that uses liquid spraying under vacuum. The particles produced with micro powder dry technology are in the form of uniform porous spheres, the size of which can be precisely controlled from 10-100µm, which enables drying time to be reduced, thereby increasing process efficiency and yield.

In addition, Telstar is exhibiting its most compact automatic constant height ‘push’-type of vial unloading system, which can be easily integrated with lyophilisers. It is so compact that it does not have an impact on the layout of the freeze dryer, yet all mechanisms requiring maintenance are external to the chamber in the technical area.

Telstar’s solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry are complemented with a new generation of flexible wall containment isolators for applications that require safe and controlled working conditions for handling potent compounds. Developed with in-house containment technology, Telstar flexible isolators make it possible to work with OEL ≤ 1µg/m³ (8 working hours TWA), and they are designed, manufactured and validated according to the required application.

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