A dedicated workspace for oligonucleotide characterisation

Published: 16-Nov-2023

Shimadzu has released LabSolutions Insight Biologics, an advanced software solution designed for the comprehensive characterisation of oligonucleotides

This innovative tool automates the process of oligonucleotides characterisation. Enabling first-time users to identify sequences and impurities in a few simple steps, the interface provides an easy method to input sequence information, configure target modifications and set data analysis parameters

Insight Biologics utilises the Nexera BioInert LC and LCMS-Q-TOF with data-dependent acquisition (DDA) to provide MS/MS spectra with detailed base-by-base sequence information, site-specific modifications and sequence mapping.

All of which contribute to the confirmation of products and identification of unknowns.

The software automatically conducts a thorough search for principal components and impurities from MS and MS/MS spectra, drastically reducing characterisation time by 90% compared with conventional methods.

Visual displays of sequence coverage bolster confidence in identifications. The seamless processing and reporting capabilities, coupled with audit trail support, make Insight Biologics a comprehensive and efficient solution for oligonucleotide characterisation.
This cutting-edge software has been developed to seamlessly integrate with Shimadzu's Nexera BioInert LC coupled with the LCMS-9030 or LCMS-9050 quadrupole time-of-flight type (Q-TOF) mass spectrometers, offering a dedicated workspace for oligonucleotide analysis.

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