Advanced HD image capture - without a PC

Olympus Introduces new DP21 digital microscopy camera for life-science and materials microscopy

Olympus DP21 handset

Olympus has introduced the new DP21 digital microscopy camera for high-definition (HD) image capture. Suitable for use in life science and materials microscopy, this 2.11 megapixel stand alone camera allows easy observation, focusing and framing, while enabling the smooth display of real-time 1600x1200 (UXGA) images. Furthermore, the intuitive handset enables all actions to be completed without the use of a PC.

excellent imaging accuracy

The DP21 has the power to display HD UXGA images at a smooth 15 frames per second. This seamless display is also maintained throughout focus changes and rapid movement, even when imaging live samples. Coupled with the UXGA resolution, the 16.7 million colour reproduction capability ensures that even the minutest structural elements are clearly defined, whether they are in histopathology specimens or in steel. The DP21 also provides excellent colour fidelity throughout the imaging process, ensuring that the recorded image is an exact representation of the actual sample.

intuitive operation

With a convenient handset, the DP21 camera can be operated without a PC or any software. This facilitates the capture of images for immediate viewing and confirmation. After capture, analyses of immunostained specimens or boundary length measurements for example, can be made and all data are logically stored. With four USB ports and a LAN port, simple connection of a keyboard and mouse is facilitated, if required. Furthermore, all data can be saved automatically to a USB memory stick and connection to an external drive makes it possible to save large data files. The incorporation of a LAN port also makes it possible to send all data directly to a server, ensuring that the DP21 is a highly versatile digital imaging camera.