Biochemist Project to develop flow process techniques for biomanufacturing


Three UK technology companies, C‐Tech Innovation, Ingenza and AM Technology are collaborating on a

Three UK technology companies, C‐Tech Innovation, Ingenza and AM Technology are collaborating on a £1m project to develop flow process techniques for biomanufacturing. Co‐funded by the Technology Strategy Board, the initial phase of the programme will run for two years. The Biochemist Project will integrate all aspects of bioprocess development from catalyst discovery and engineering to process design and through to small footprint manufacturing of high value products.

C‐Tech Innovation, of Capenhurst, Cheshire, develops processes to provide energy and material efficient manufacturing solutions for the chemical, food and process industries.

Ingenza is a biocatalyst and bioprocess development company based in Roslin, near Edinburgh. It operates molecular biology, fermentation and chemistry laboratories, which integrate its expertise in biocatalyst discovery, production, high throughput screening, bioprocess development and synthetic chemistry.

AM Technology is a specialist reactor design company based in Runcorn, Cheshire. The company has multiple patents on flow systems and produces the Coflore reactor, which won the innovation prize in the Energy and Environment category at the UK NanoForum & Emerging Technologies 2009 conference.

Unlike batch reactors, the output of a flow device can be changed without altering the hardware or set‐up conditions. This flexibility saves time and cost in development. The improved control capabilities of flow systems can also deliver better yield and productivity. The objectives of this project will be to design a compact flow reactor for continuous bio processing and develop improved process design techniques to accelerate the introduction of bio‐manufacturing processes for a variety of product types such as unnatural amino acids and chiral amines.

The reactor to be developed for this project will be based on the Coflore design. This patented concept is a modular multi stage CSTR that is said to combine good plug flow with efficient mixing independently of reaction time and has good solids handling capabilities.

The Technology Strategy Board is a business‐led public body established by the UK Government. Its role is to promote and support research into technology and innovation for the benefit of UK business. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is its sponsor.