Biopharm Services launches industry-first technology showcase


New platform enables users to securely access new bioprocess manufacturing technology using BioSolve process

Biopharm Services, the bioprocess analysis software developer, announced the launch of its latest innovation, the BioSolve Supplier Technology Showcase.

The BioSolve Supplier Technology Showcase allows suppliers to share their latest technology models with authorised users, who in-turn can use the showcase module within BioSolve Process to evaluate new technology before purchasing.

Suppliers can transfer various unit operations and processes through the secure Microsoft Azure platform to users.

“Supplier Technology Showcase is the latest value-added service for BioSolve Process users, it provides an incredibly secure product experience for both suppliers and users,” said Andrew Sinclair, CEO, BioPharm Services.

“Suppliers pre-approve access for individuals to view their technology, this reflects the sensitive and commercial nature of this data. Access enables users to assess the impact that a new technology will have on their processes in terms of cost as well as final mass balance.”

The process begins with the supplier who prepares a model and submits it to Biopharm Services, which in-turn checks scalability and model compatibility before approving and publishing the supplier’s model via the technology showcase. ​Once the product is live, suppliers are then able to approve user-access to their latest technology models.

BioSolve Process users can model the new supplier technology into their own processes and see the production and cost benefits as it specifically applies to their unique operational circumstances.

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The first supplier to leverage BioSolve Supplier Technology Showcase was GE Healthcare, which has used the showcase to support one of its latest innovations, ÄKTA pcc and BioProcess pcc chromatography systems for process development, scale-up and large-scale continuous chromatography.