Brookfield introduces more touch screen technology in 2014


Viscometers, rheometers, texture analysers and powder flow testers

Brookfield introduces more touch screen technology in 2014

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories has released its new 2014 full-colour catalogue with complete details on all product lines. The 2014 catalogue introduces Brookfield’s new family of RST Touch Screen Rheometers including: the RST-CPS Cone Plate Rheometer, the RST-CC Coaxial Cylinder Rheometer and the RST-SST Soft Solids Tester Rheometer.

The 2014 Catalogue also features:

  • New Rheo3000 Software for RST Rheometers allows PC control and data acquisition/analysis of multiple test files
  • Special features now available with these top-of-the-line rheometers include new RST Spindle Barcode for auto spindle recognition and auto gap setting for cone/plate models
  • New BF35 Viscometer for measuring viscosity of oil drilling and fracturing fluids
  • New 21 CFR Compliant TexturePro CT Software for pharmaceutical and medical industries
  • More new CT3 Texture Analyzer Fixtures and Probes for food, cosmetics, materials testing and pharmaceutical applications
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The 2014 Catalogue includes Brookfield’s complete line of laboratory and in-line Viscometers/Rheometers, Texture Analyzers and Powder Flow Testers.