Business collaborations with universities to boost chemical industry


Croda held a technology exchange with universities to establish connections and help innovation in UK universities

Ingredients and technologies company Croda International held a technology exchange event with more than 35 universities from across the UK at their global headquarters in Yorkshire.

More than 50 delegates with technology transfer roles from across Britain’s universities attended to discuss future collaboration opportunities for the development and commercialisation of new technologies.

In a press release, Croda called the event “very timely”, as it was soon after the Science and Technology Committee issued a report stating that increased investment in R and D by businesses is crucial if university research is to be transformed into successful commercial products.

Steve Foots, Croda’s Chief Executive and Chair of the Chemistry Growth Partnership, spoke about the importance of business and university partnerships in accelerating innovation across the chemical industry.

Croda CEO Steve Foots

Croda CEO Steve Foots

The association for public sector knowledge exchange and commercialisation, PraxisUnico, jointly organised the event. Maxine Ficarra, Executive Director, PraxisUnico said:

“Collaboration like this is hugely important for the advancement and development of industries across the UK. Technology transfer days between businesses like Croda and universities will help to deliver the translation of research outcomes into social and economic impact.”

Damian Kelly, Head of Global Research and Development at Croda, said:

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‘‘We are delighted that so many representatives from the best universities in Britain attended yesterday, allowing us to showcase how Croda can work with them in different ways to support them with the development and commercialisation of their technologies.”