Certara releases new version of D360


Industry leading Informatics platform for pharma discovery scientists

Certara, the leading provider of decision support technology and consulting services for optimising drug development and improving health outcomes, has released D360 version 9.0 along with D360 Express, its data informatics platform for discovery scientists.

D360 is a self-service data access, integration and visualisation solution used to query multiple cheminformatics and bioinformatics data sources and make informed go/no-go and next step research decisions. It is used by more than 5000 scientists worldwide at both large pharma and specialty research organisations.

“Scientists choose D360 because it allows them to accelerate their ‘time to insight.’ It enables them to access current data faster, spend more time on analysis and ask and answer questions ‘on the fly,’” said Certara Senior Director, Product Management David Lowis.

“To that end, version 9 offers ‘virtual compound support,’ an exciting new capability that allows users to create new chemical structure ideas that can be assessed, shared and prioritised alongside existing project compounds, extending D360’s capabilities from pure analysis into the world of design.

D360’s upgraded data query and handling capabilities also allow users to investigate more complex assays and study results, an expertise that will increasingly be needed as the industry moves further into precision medicine.

Certara’s D360 is the industry leading scientific informatics platform for integrating and leveraging the large amounts of diverse scientific data generated in discovery research. D360 enables scientists to cut dramatically the time required to provision data.

They estimate that this change allows them to increase by more than 50% the time they spend performing pivotal scientific modelling and analysis, advancing compounds, and making informed decisions. D360 version 9 and D360 Express offer several new features, including the following:

  • Virtual Compound Capabilities: D360 now provides full support for virtual compounds – chemical structures not available in source systems. Compounds can be added to datasets from external sources or from a sketch. New chemical structure ideas can be shared, assessed and prioritized alongside known test entities
  • Complex Assay Data Handling: Data query capabilities have been extended scientifically to handle more complex assays to be evaluated for new research initiatives including precision medicine
  • Enhanced Performance: D360’s greatest strength is that it allows scientists to access their data quickly and easily and to move swiftly to action.
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Certara has improved all aspects of D360 performance, including data queries, data formatting and analysis, response to ad hoc questions, and handling of large and/or complex datasets. Faster data retrieval and enhanced query features allow scientists to more readily mine corporate data for scientific insight rather than relying on specific data feeds.