Coloured film neutralises clinical trial samples

Helps improve the quality and reliability of the results of clinical trials

One of the prerequisites for the success of a clinical trial is to ensure that the effective drugs and placebos involved cannot be distinguished from each other. However, colours may notably differ in the case of liquid substances.

German pharmaceutical packaging specialist Schreiner MediPharm has developed a solution that neutralises the appearance of liquids in transparent containers and thus helps to improve the quality and reliability of the results obtained in clinical trials.

Before neutralisation

In many clinical trials, investigators and subjects are not allowed to know whether an effective drug or a placebo is being administered. Schreiner MediPharm’s translucent, self-adhesive film modifies the perception of the liquid’s colour while preserving the view of the fill level.

After neutralisation

This enables the person administering the substance to see how much liquid is contained in the vial or syringe. The film can be adapted to suit the colour of the liquid. In addition, it can be printed with graduation lines and information. Proof-of-first opening by means of shrink solutions may also be integrated into the film.