Complete powder characterisation in a single instrument


Hosokawa PT-X gets an upgrade

Hosokawa Micron has updated the PT-X powder characteristic tester with a number of features, making it easier to use and more operator friendly.

The new design allows the unit to be used with a computer for data recording, delivering a clear visual display of analysis results to enable the operator to evaluate the results simply and quickly.

The PT-X unit can measure the seven powder characteristics developed by Dr R L Carr in 1965, including angle of repose, compressibility, angle of spatula, cohesion, angle of fall, dispersibility and angle of difference.

Three auxiliary values of aerated bulk density, packed bulk density and uniformity can also be evaluated by the PT-X to determine valued results for flowability and floodability of dry powders.

The new PT-X looks very different from previous versions and is more compact in design. The unit offers computer control via a touchscreen 12.5in tablet PC using a core i5 processor with Windows 7 Professional operating system, which can reduce analysis time. Reduced operator intervention ensures analysis accuracy and repeatability.

The unit’s inner wall forms part of the structure making the PT-X easier to clean and an optional integrated HEPA filter is available for dust protection, as is a vacuum cleaner.