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Published: 31-May-2022

When conducting powder handling processes, operators are at risk of exposure to high levels of potentially hazardous materials

AUSTAR is proud to announce that a full range of downflow booths (DFBs) manufactured in the UK is available for delivery worldwide.

Through effective innovation, the AUSTAR DFB will control occupational exposure levels by ensuring up to OEB4/10–100 µg/m3 containment performance.

OEB5/1–10 µg/m3 levels can be achieved with ancillary equipment for small-scale/short-duration weighing or subdivision and by following stringent standard operating procedures (SOPs).

By maximising the open area of the overhead supply plenum, HEPA filtered air that’s free from stagnation, turbulence or eddies is delivered into the safe working zone of the DFB in a downward direction — passing through the process zone — ensuring that any process-generated particulates are captured and safety directed away from the operator’s breathing zone.

With proven noise levels of less than 65 dBA, AUSTAR guarantees operator safety whilst maintaining a comfortable working environment. Some features of the DFB range are as follows:

  • 1.5–5.0+ metre standard widths
  • two containment zone options (1.5 and 2.0 m)
  • suitable for up to OEB5 with barrier screens
  • multiple range of filtration standards available, including safe change bag-in/bag-out facilities
  • low noise, highly efficient EC fan drive.

Either fully customised or off-the-shelf, AUSTAR can provide a containment solution to suit your specific needs.

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