David Round strap hoist meets cleanroom needs

Highly polished finish with urethane-coated lubrication-free lifting strap

The David Round Company, one of the oldest hoist manufacturers in the business, has launched an all-stainless steel strap hoist to meet the cleanroom processing needs of pharmaceutical processors, food manufacturing and high-tech manufacturers.

The Streetsboro, Ohio, US-based company says the highly polished finish and urethane-coated lubrication-free lifting strap of the Lab-Lift eliminates the particulate contamination associated with chain hoists or wire rope hoists as there is no metal-on-metal abrasion.

The all-stainless steel Lab Lift meets the cleanroom processing needs of pharmaceutical processors, food and high-tech manufacturing

The hoist mechanism is housed in a smooth-sided, polished 304 stainless steel enclosure, which slides away to allow easy cleaning of internal components. A wiper seal for the strap also helps isolate the hoist’s internal mechanism from the cleanroom environment.

The Lab-Lift is completely made from stainless steel, including motors and motor brakes. Gearing is sealed and uses food grade lubrication. Welds are smooth-ground, faces are flush-mounted and fasteners are plugged to reduce further potential contamination. The load hook and latch are also stainless steel.

“For a number of years, we have recognised the special requirements of pharma by manufacturing all-stainless steel material and handling products featuring paint-free construction. This new line of hoists builds on this experience, but adds a streamlined completely crack-and-crevice free exterior,” says Brad Young, president of David Round.