DuPont and Emirates celebrate a decade of cooperation

Published: 5-Feb-2019

Beginning the partnership with a pallet cover made of Tyvek, the two companies have celebrated 10 years of the US-UAE partnership

On 30 January, Dupont Tyvek and Emirates Skycargo celebrated 10 years of partnership at the Emirates Tower in Dubai. The two companies have worked together for over a decade to provide cold chain protection solutions to the aviation industry.

The White Cover range of Tyvek pallet covers developed by DuPont to protect temperature-sensitive shipments has been used for many years in aviation. As a result, Emirates has become industry pioneers in the use of specialized and lightweight cargo covers for protection against external heat and weather fluctuations, transporting cargo to over 150 destinations.

Reflecting on the partnership Dennis Lister, Emirates Vice President, Cargo Commercial Development said: “Over the years we have improved the functionality of the White Cover and have released enhanced versions including the most recent White Cover Xtreme, providing an excellent first level of protection for cargo.”

Following the expansion of the partnership’s White Cover range in 2016 and 2017 for pharmaceuticals in particular, both companies are looking forward to strengthening their partnership in an evolving market.

Steve Brabbs, Global Technical Leader of DuPont Tyvek Cargo Covers said: “From the point of view of product development, Emirates has been an ideal partner for DuPont. When they bring us a new problem, they sit down with us to collaborate in a very open way, so that we can find solutions which work for them technically, practically and economically.”

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