DuPont expanding ion exchange resin manufacturing capacity

Published: 25-Jun-2021

Ion exchange resins enable pharmaceutical formulations and advanced drug delivery when used as excipients or APIs

DuPont has announced the expansion of its ion exchange resin manufacturing production to address demand for pharmaceutical products such as excipients and APIs.

DuPont Water Solutions is a producer of separation and filtration technologies, including reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membranes, as well as ion exchange resins. While its technologies are used for the purification of drinking water, many of those same technologies are used for separations and concentrations in the life science industries to produce food, beverages, drugs and diagnostics. Ion exchange resins also enable pharmaceutical formulations and advanced drug delivery when used as excipients or APIs.

To support pharmaceutical customers’ growth and needs for cGMP qualified products, DuPont is expanding its ability to manufacture and supply these critical products. With the additions of a few key technologies to its production operations, these investments are planned to enhance security of supply for improving present and future drug formulations.

The production expansion will take place in phases. The first phase will increase capacity at the company’s cGMP pharmaceutical production units in Chauny, France—is complete with qualifications underway. Future phases—which will focus on increased supply of highly demanded excipient and absorbent products—are expected in the coming years.

“When our customers select one of our products, they count on us to supply not just what they need today, but what they need for the lifetime of their products,” said Condylia Courtney, Global Product Line Manager for ion Exchange Resins. “This investment demonstrates our commitment to growing with our customers and ensuring supply of their critical excipients.”

Along with the production expansion, the company is also increasing regulatory resources. The expanded regulatory team will continue to work with technical experts to develop applications and launch products.

The company’s portfolio of ion exchange resins enables different drug delivery systems such as gummies, facilitates tablet disintegration, enables abuse deterrent formulations, and provides solutions for drug stability as well as solubility enhancement.

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