EMBL Ventures portfolio company, Luxendo, acquired by Bruker

Published: 8-May-2017

The acquisition, just one and a half years after the company’s creation, allows wider application of Luxendo's Single Plane Illumination Microscopy

EMBL Ventures has sold its German-based portfolio company, Luxendo, to global instrumentation company, Bruker.

Luxendo was created as a spin-off by the EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) and its technology transfer arm, EMBLEM Technology Transfer.

Luxendo develops light-sheet microscopes for life science research using the proprietary Single Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM) technique developed at EMBL.

With our SPIM technology, we have an influential role in the adoption of light-sheet microscopy imaging.

The technology allows scientists to observe living organisms for extended periods of time without them being adversely affected by photo-toxicity. It sequentially illuminates a stack of small slices of the organism.

Luxendo launched its first two products, the MuVi-SPIM and InVi-SPIM microscopes, in 2016.

“Light-sheet microscopy is revolutionising bio-imaging,” said Andreas Pfuhl, CEO of Luxendo.

“With our SPIM technology, we have an influential role in the adoption of this type of imaging in an ever-growing variety of live-sample studies.”

EMBL Director General Iain Mattaj said: “Bruker, with its excellent reputation, will make SPIM even more widely available.”

“It will be truly exciting to see what the larger biological research community will discover with light-sheet microscopy.”

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