EXCiPACT becomes a freestanding association


Offers third party GMP/GDP certification scheme for pharmaceutical excipients

The Board of Directors of the new EXCiPACT, formerly a project of the IPEC Federation, became a free-standing, not-for-profit association under Belgian law when the Articles of the Association were signed on 29 January, 2014.

EXCiPACT, a voluntary international certification scheme designed and developed to assure cGMP and cGDP standards are being used in the manufacture and supply of pharmaceutical excipients, was first launched in Europe in January 2012 and became fully operational in 2013.

The new Board Chairman, Dr Iain Moore, said: \'This is the end of the beginning and I must thank all those responsible for their hard work in bringing the project to this most successful conclusion.

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\'We are offering the international pharmaceutical industry a high quality, credible, independent third party GMP/GDP certification scheme for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of pharmaceutical excipients. This scheme can help all parties meet their legal obligations and at the same time to reduce their audit burden, save costs and ensure quality.\'