High-speed capping machine caps 300 bottles/min


Design includes a servo-driven elevator feeder to smoothe and speed up operations

NJM Packaging is offering a redesigned version of the Beltorque high-speed capping machine equipped with a new servo-driven, patent-pending cap elevator-feeder, which features adjustable cleats and indexes on demand.

NJM has also increased the speed of this continuous-motion capper by 50% so that it now caps up to 300 bottles/min with simple mechanics, fast changeovers and low maintenance. Precise torque and gentle handling maximise product quality, the company says.

Unlike traditional in-line cappers that use discs or spindles, this two-station capper-torquer uses two pairs of belts to gently rotate and tighten caps. Using patented technology, one drive synchronises the linear displacement speed of the container with the rotating speed of the closure, even when the cap stops turning. This design maximises product quality by eliminating damage to the cap knurling and cap finish. It also minimises slippage to achieve more consistent torque values.

The Beltorque capper is suitable for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, handling round, oval, square and rectangular bottles made of plastic or glass from 50 to 305mm in height and 12 to 175mm in diameter with caps made of plastic or metal that are up to 120mm in diameter.

The Beltorque high-speed capping machine is equipped with a new servo-driven, patent-pending cap elevator-feeder

Beltorque can orient and place challenging flip-top screw caps as well as gear-shaped and rubberised arthritis screw caps and snap-caps (with an optional snap-cap applicator) in addition to traditional caps, without damaging the cap surface. To accommodate a new cap design, NJM can manufacture the new tooling in as little as one week to help speed new products to market.

An optional torque reader measures applied torque and triggers a reject device to remove capped bottles that are under and over the thresholds set for any given cap. This unique feature displays the applied torque of each capped bottle and the history of the last 30 containers on the touchscreen control panel. An optional cap inspection station identifies skewed or missing caps, missing foil and fallen bottles and triggers the reject device.

To meet the needs of each application, NJM can equip beltorque with a centrifugal bowl for tall caps or its new elevator-feeder for all other caps.

The patent-pending servo-driven elevator-feeder offers a sequential on-demand advance that indexes the elevating conveyor. This smoothes and speeds the operation while reducing compressed air use by 50% to reduce energy costs. Unlike traditional cap elevator-feeders with fixed cleats, NJM's new elevator-feeder features cleats that adjust to the cap diameter to maximise throughput. By electronically adjusting its cleats to automatically match the cap size via preprogrammed recipes, small caps are elevated more quickly.

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NJM says Beltorque offers fast, easy and accurate changeovers, which can be accomplished in less than 5min without requiring any tools.