Major European biopharma company endorses CI Sade weight sorters


Actelion Pharmaceuticals has endorsed CI Precision’s SADE weight sorters for weight checking batches of capsules

Europe’s largest biopharmaceutical company, Actelion Pharmaceuticals, has endorsed CI Precision’s SADE weight sorters for weight checking batches of capsules. Founded in 1997 and with its headquarters in Allschwil/Basel, Switzerland, Actelion focuses on the discovery, development and commercialisation of innovative treatments to serve high unmet medical needs.

In April 2011 the company took delivery of a SADE SP140 tablet/capsule sorter from CI Precision for weight checking batches of capsules in its formulation development department; this unit joined the SADE SP100 previously installed in 2008. A variety of capsule sizes from 00 to size 5 are run through the units, a typical batch ranging from 50 grams up to a maximum of 3kg.

A key benefit is that SADE SP units handle a wide range of product shapes and sizes without the need for parts to be exchanged. Furthermore, the unit has been specifically designed for rapid set-up and dismantling for quick and easy cleaning between batches.

‘We chose CI’s SADE SP weight sorters because the equipment is small, efficient and easy to handle,’ said the Formulation Development Manager at Actelion. ‘CI Precision’s installation and training, after-sales support and maintenance contract have all been very good.

‘We would recommend the SADE SP sorters to other companies because they are easy to handle, clean and set up. In addition, the software is user friendly.’

SADE SP tablet and capsule weight sorter scales are ideal for pharmaceutical r&d or production facilities. They are designed for the accurate weight sorting of batches of tablets or capsules; each item is individually weighed to an accuracy of +/-1mg and sorted into accept and reject categories. In particular, the units ensure weight uniformity and 100% weight sorting of clinical trial or development batches during r&d.

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CI Precision also offers the SP240 and SP440 floor standing weight sorters with bulk hoppers for larger batch sizes, with sorting rates up to 22,000 items per hour.