Midatech and Monosol Rx form jv to develop diabetes treatments

Published: 6-Jan-2012

Combining PharmaFilm and MidaForm nanoparticle technologies

Midatech, a UK developer of MidaForm nanoparticle excipients and nanomedicines, has launched a joint venture with MonoSol Rx, the developer of PharmFilm drug delivery technology.

The joint venture, MidaSol Therapeutics, will focus on the commercialisation, through partnerships or licensing, of products that have combined the IP of the companies’ respective technologies in the treatment of diabetes.

The companies are conducting a Phase I clinical study of their most advanced candidate, which uses insulin-passivated gold glyconanoparticles (MidaForm insulin) formulated into PharmFilm for buccal delivery. Results of this Phase I study are expected in the next six months.

MidaSol Therapeutics says insulin stabilised on a nanoparticle and delivered transbuccally has the potential to offer diabetic patients a viable alternative to injectable insulin.

Pipeline products for commercialisation include MidaForm GLP-1 formulated in PharmFilm and a unique mixed MidaForm nanoparticle containing therapeutic levels of both insulin and GLP-1 on the same nanoparticle.

‘The MidaSol Therapeutics launch is designed to accelerate the commercialisation of the innovative insulin, GLP-1 and insulin/GLP-1 products for the treatment of diabetes,’ said Mark Schobel, president and ceo of MonoSol Rx.

‘The outstanding pre-clinical results the two companies have generated to date indicate a significant advance for the treatment of this disease.’

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