No compromise on quality

Published: 24-Sep-2013

FeF Chemicals supplies quaternary ammonium compounds, with a delivery and stock policy for pharmaceutical products that meets the most demanding requirements of its customers

FeF Chemicals specialises in the pharmaceutical and personal care industries, providing quaternary ammonium compounds (quats) that comply with global regulations. The company provides only the very best and safest ingredients for formulation, preserving its quality and contributing to patient safety, and is a worldwide leading supplier of high-class quats.

For its cGMP-manufactured quats the company offers:

  • global regulatory compliance
  • manufacture in accordance with the highest GMP standards on the market, the ICH Guide Q7 for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients high-purity products
  • analysis according to multi-compendial pharmacopoeias BP, PhEur, USP/NF and JP regulatory documentation.

FeF Chemicals’ quality system meets DS/EN ISO 9001 as well as the aforementioned ICH Guide Q7 for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. In-process samples, as well as finished products, are carefully analysed in a modern, well-equipped laboratory.

Fast and reliable services in documentation, analysis and manufacturing, fulfilling local to international regulatory requirements, are the key to securing customer satisfaction, the firm says.

The company’s delivery and stock policy for pharmaceutical products is determined to meet the most demanding and urgent requirements of its customers, and pharmaceutical products can be shipped within a week. A range of products is also offered in a variety of packing solutions, meeting demands for small and large packaging.

The best in quats

FeF Chemicals’ own innovative synthesis process ensures a very high level of purity of liquid and crystalline products such as benzalkonium chloride, strong cetrimide solution, cetrimide, cetrimonium bromide (CTAB) and myristalkonium chloride (MKC).

By using raw materials of high purity and following the company’s stringent quality system, products are particularly suited to applications within the pharmaceutical industry. They act as preservatives in many ophthalmic, nasal and oral drugs, and as active ingredients in a variety of topical and antiseptic solutions, ointments and creams.

Thanks to a closely controlled production process, reducing batch variation to a minimum, FeF Chemicals is highly valued by the diagnostic reagent sector. Combined with the high purity, the company’s quats have proven to be significantly superior to other less pure compounds.

If the required product is not in the standard assortment, FeF Chemicals can design customised products. Its flexible production process can meet customer demands for special chain-length distribution and/or solutions of quats mixed in various ratios.

The company is fully aware of the importance of the registration phase for a drug within the pharmaceutical industry. As a consequence, it offers an extensive range of documentation on its pharmaceutical-grade products, such as multicompendial analysis and access to regulatory documentation.

FeF Chemicals ensures the best possible service and fast preparation of documentation, such as Drug Master Files for its pharmaceutical-grade products. In order to further facilitate the drug registration process for customers, the company offers access to its Certificates of Suitability according to the Monographs of the European Pharmacopoeia, for benzalkonium chloride solution 50%, benzalkonium chloride (95%) and cetrimide.

Company values

The company was first established in 1949. It was acquired by Danish healthcare company and world leader in diabetes care Novo Nordisk, in 1986 and has been part of the pharmaceutical group since then.

As a Novo Nordisk company, FeF Chemicals believes in respect for all employees and in creating a healthy working environment. Most important of all, it never compromises on quality and business ethics, and this applies to everyone who works for the company.

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