P-MEC India success for GEA Pharma Systems


This year’s show \'by far the best\', company says

GEA Pharma Systems India has reported tremendous success at P-MEC India at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai. After attending the show regularly in recent years the company says that 2010 was by far the best.

The company showed its technology for the manufacturing of oral and parenteral dosage forms. Navin Lakhanpaul, the business head for GEA Pharma Systems in India, said that there was considerable interest both from national and international customers. High profile exhibits included the Courtoy table presses, Lyophil freeze dryers, Collette single pot processors and Buck valves for contained materials handling.

Of particular interest to Indian customers, however, was the Aeromatic-Fielder integrated granulation line, manufactured in the company’s factory in Varodara. This was the first time a locally produced, ‘closed transfer’ processing line - with the inherent benefits of production flexibility, improved containment and significantly reduced risk of cross contamination - had been exhibited in India as part of the company’s plan to offer these lines to the Indian market.

‘We always expected it to be a good show but we didn’t realise that it had grown so fast to become such an international platform,’ said Navin comparing the event with previous P-MEC shows. ‘Although we’ve been to P-MEC before, this was the pinnacle. We identified great business potential in providing technology benefits to our customer base in India going forward.’

Frans Maas, vice president sales & marketing for GEA Pharma Systems, was equally pleased with the show. ‘With our differentiating price/performance solutions for pharmaceutical processing we offer unrivalled operational reliability, high productivity and secure containment to meet the needs of the advanced requirements of the demanding Indian market,’ he said.

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Also at P-MEC was GEA Diessel showing its fermentation module and IZMAG flow meters for sterile process lines. GEA Diessel and GEA Lyophil are co-operating very successfully with their representing partner ACE technologies. Ace managing director Ajay Mehra agreed with the impression of other members of the Group, reporting ‘brisk attendance at the ACE stand throughout what was a highly successful exhibition’.

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