Pharma-Cushion label protects vials in transit

A foam layer on the back acts like a protective cushion as it wraps around the vial

The Pharma-Cushion label protects glass vials in transit

Schreiner MediPharm, a German developer of multifunctional labels, has developed the Pharma-Cushion label for transporting pharmaceutical glass containers. The label protects the fragile vials from breaking owing to an integrated special layer, which avoids the need for complex secondary packaging.

The Pharma-Cushion label has a foam layer on the back of the label that wraps around the glass container like a protective cushion. This allows pharmaceutical vials to be transported in boxes without any additional packaging and to reach the recipient undamaged.

The company says this solution minimises health hazards as certain preparations run the risk of releasing toxic substances through damaged vials. The consistent integrity of the container is also ensured, which avoids contamination of the drugs inside the container. Furthermore, the label prevents contamination of other packaging materials from liquids escaping from the container, and protects healthcare personnel from injuries that may be caused by broken vials.

The front of the label serves to mark the containers. The thin and flexible material structure allows easy application of the Pharma-Cushion label to the glass container.