Powering high-quality, adaptable and safe workflows


From disease management to food supply and shifts in the global climate, the world is changing at an accelerated rate. As molecular and biological compounds develop, mutate and evolve, the workflows and processes that enable us to accurately diagnose these alterations must also advance to stay ahead of the curve

Powering high-quality, adaptable and safe workflows

In today’s environment, beyond just being “state-of-the-art,” the laboratory technology used for research within the life sciences and biotechnology fields needs to offer high-quality, adaptable and safe workflows. As the demand for results increases and levels of accuracy are expected to meet the very highest standards, today’s laboratories need to be able to increase productivity while maintaining high yields and reproducibility.

This can only be done with the most advanced technology and systems that are customisable to meet each laboratory’s specific needs. MolGen, a single-source supplier of DNA/RNA extraction technology and services, is a total solution provider of innovative systems, products and kits for human and animal diagnostics, and also offers testing for the agriculture and biotech industries.

Innovating with Pureprep TTR

One of MolGen’s products of note is the PurePrep TTR. A high-throughput automated tube and liquid handling device, the PurePrep TTR quickly and accurately decaps tubes and transfers liquid from those tubes to (deep well) microtitre plates.

This device can deliver consistently because both the tubes and the plates are designed with barcodes that are rapidly read by scanners to track and trace samples — and their respective positions in the end plate — throughout the workflow.

This innovative system was purposely developed to decrease the hands-on time of laboratory technicians. In addition to increasing a lab’s accuracy, this technology also reduces contamination risks as it requires no additional system liquids.

Powering high-quality, adaptable and safe workflows

Recommended for large-scale laboratories with high-throughput requirements, the PurePrep TTR is part of a complete workflow and is optimised to process PurePrep TL+ samples. There are several aspects of this technology that make this device perfect for a wide range of diagnostic tests and molecular biology techniques.

The PurePrep TTR is able to handle sample sizes of 50–1000 µL. To offer labs more expedited testing, the PurePrep TTR delivers a high-throughput process speed of up to 320 tubes per hour and eliminates the need to remove swabs. With an optimised dual-arm design, this device performs pipetting by air displacement.

As part of its fully automated process, this air displacement enables unlimited volume control. With the added liquid level technology, the system is now able to handle tubes with a variation in input volume.

Beyond consistency and speed, the PurePrep TTR has been designed to be user friendly. Each run of the device can be resumed after any interruption, such as the opening of a door, an emergency stop or even when there’s a failure of power to the machine.

To ensure safety and accuracy, all while offering faster and automated testing, the PurePrep TTR is equipped with sensors that monitor every step of the process. By decreasing hands-on time and increasing lab accuracy, the PurePrep TTR from MolGen is the most advanced way to optimise the efforts of those on the front lines of virus mitigation, disease research and other biological condition diagnostics.

Challenging the status quo

Based in the Netherlands, MolGen has grown quickly in just a few short years as a result of its dedication to enhancing every part of the diagnostic workflow — from sample to result. MolGen is constantly challenging the status quo by providing professional laboratories worldwide with high-tech automated systems and consumables.

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By enabling laboratories to combine multiple systems into complete diagnostical flows, MolGen is giving testing facilities the confidence that their research is high-quality, reliable, efficient, adaptable and safe.