Protagen Protein Services and BioAnalytix merge

Published: 12-Apr-2019

Combining the two US companies into one will provide global analytical services for the biopharmaceutical industry

Protagen Protein Services (PPS), a CRO in protein analytics and BioAnalytix, a specialised provider of advanced analytics in biopharmaceutical development have announced they will be merging. The combined company will aim to be a global analytical services provider for the biopharmaceutical industry.

The announcement creates a biopharmaceutical company that will offer integrated and complete analytical capabilities in biopharmaceutical development, from clone selection through drug approval to commercialization. BioAnalytix will become part of PPS with BioAnalytix’s programmes oriented around hybrid LC-MS, physical chemistry and data analysis.

Martin Blüggel, Founder and CEO of PPS, said: " Both companies have shared a similar vision, entrepreneurial agility and heritage of excellence in supporting leading pharmaceutical companies with high-end analytics and strategic solutions through development.”

Blüggel added: “We are very excited to serve our pharma partners more directly in the FDA and EMEA territories, and continue our expansion in capacities and capabilities, now including BioAnalytix’s innovative areas such as advanced HDX-MS and in-vivo CQA Mapping.”

Creating opportunities

Kirtland Poss, Founder and CEO of BioAnalytix, added: "The broader platforms will enable us to provide a significantly greater range of analytic data packages and regulatory support here in the US as we expand our capabilities in advancing, de-risking and accelerating all stages of biotherapeutic development with our pharma partners. "

The company is advancing its capabilities, in June it invested in Q Exactive HF-X, a high-performing mass spectrometer by ThermoFisher. By combining these analytic platforms, programmes and highly experienced analytic teams based both in the US and in Europe, PPS and BioAnalytix will work directly and more broadly with leading biopharmaceutical companies.

Their services will cover designing, generating and delivering integrated analytical data packages, and strategic support along the full development continuum, from developability and lead optimisation, clone selection and process development, extended characterisation and comparability, stability testing for control strategy design and CMC filings through commercialisation and full GMP testing of commercial products.

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