RPC adds jar sizes to Phacotec series


Range now contains 11 wide-mouth jars for pharmaceutical products

RPC Kutenholtz has added two new jar sizes to the pharmaceutical container range it manufactures for Phacotec Produkt-Service of Hamburg, Germany.

RPC Kutenholz first worked with Phacotec in 1999, developing a 150ml HDPE wide-mouth jar, which was soon followed by a 750ml size. Today the range contains 11 wide-mouth jars, including brand new 1,250ml and 1,500ml sizes.

All jars are standard containers, available in white or black, and are supplied with a snap-on cap incorporating a tamper-evident band. The jars are used across Phacotec’s growing range of pharmaceutical products, nutritional supplements and similar products.

Phacotec is a thriving family business, in which Karin Reher and son Felix Reher are responsible for packaging and logistics, while Dr Dirk Reher, an expert in pharmaceutical production and plastic techniques, is the contact for all technological questions.