Recipharm to handle commercial manufacture of Plenadren for ViroPharma


ViroPharma will equip Recipharm site to support large-scale manufacturing for the product

Recipharm, a contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing organisation headquartered in Sweden, is to handle commercial scale-up manufacture of Plenadren for ViroPharma. This hydrocortisone, modified release tablet developed by the US-based biopharmaceutical firm is used for the treatment of adrenal insufficiency in adults.

Under the terms of the contract, ViroPharma will also invest in new equipment at the Recipharm plant to increase the manufacturing capacity for Plenadren and support commercial product launches across Europe. ViroPharma’s European headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium.

The new agreement follows the completion of Recipharm’s initial scale-up contract with DuoCort Pharma, a recent acquisition for ViroPharma following its European marketing authorisation and confirmation of orphan drug designation for Plenadren.

Recipharm will also be able to use the new equipment for other projects, although ViroPharma will take priority.

Helene Fehrm, general manager of Recipharm Stockholm, said: ‘This investment and the work we are doing for ViroPharma will give us further valuable experience in tablet manufacturing with API in the coating – a unique advantage over conventional approaches – both for Plenadren itself and other customers moving forwards.’