Scanware completes track and trace pilot in Brazil


Working with Libbs, Rastreabilidade Brasil (R&B) and Atlantic Zeiser

Scanware of Bickenbach, Germany, has successfully completed an anti-counterfeiting pilot scheme in Brazil, including full aggregation, working alongside Atlantic Zeiser and Rastreabilidade Brasil (R&B).

The project showcased full implementation of the legal requirements for pharmaceuticals announced by the Agency for Pharmaceutical Security in Brazil (ANVISA).

On site at pharmaceutical producer Libbs, the products were marked and verified using Scanware equipment. Data of the complete distribution channel is aggregated so that it can be verified in pharmacies when customers purchase their medicines.

The successful completion of the project was announced at an event in São Paulo last October.

ANVISA regulations require packaging units to be marked with a serial number, product registration ID, GTIN, lot number, date of production, expiry date, as well as a DataMatrix encoded with these details. Furthermore, the complete trail of the unit through the supply chain, from single box to pallet, including the companies involved, has to be mapped within a track and trace system.

R&B was looking for a mark and verify solution for folding boxes on the packaging line

R&B offers a full‐service track and trace application, providing solutions for the complete handling and data processing on behalf of producers. In the pilot scheme promoted by the Brazilian government, Libbs incorporated the service on one of its packaging lines while R&B engaged partners for the application of traceability, one of which was Scanware.

'R&B was looking for a mark and verify solution for folding boxes on the packaging line. The Scanware station, LYNX‐CAPA MV, was chosen for marking and verification due to its flexible construction and usability,' said Andreas Jamin who supervised the project at Scanware.

At this point in the process, the folding boxes are printed and the text is verified. In the next step, codes of all boxes within a shipping case are inspected. Again, Scanware was in charge of the inspection and evaluation of data, utilising LYNX‐CAPA CI.

For data handling both at the packaging line and during distribution, R&B approached Atlantic Zeiser, which worked closely with Scanware. A turnkey solution has since been delivered in which Atlantic Zeiser's software and Scanware's hardware work in unison.

During the event in São Paulo, the system was introduced under production conditions and the complete traceability of the medicine through the distribution chain was established in a pharmacy in Brasília.

Scanware was pleased with the course of the project. 'For us, the work in Brazil has been an excellent opportunity to showcase our trace & trace solutions tailored to the customers’ needs,' said Managing Director, Harald Mätzig.

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'Brazil has become increasingly more attractive to Scanware with numerous product inspection systems being in use.'