Schott InJentle syringe set to begin mass production in US


Improved drug stability for sensitive biopharmaceutical drugs

Schott Pharmaceutical Systems will begin mass production of the highly innovative staked syringe system Schott InJentle at its facility in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, at the end of this year.

The syringe was developed for the special requirements of highly sensitive drugs and offers improved drug stability and a gentle application. Samples in 1ml long format are available for functionality testing.

‘The drug is not in contact with the needle or the adhesive during storage,’ says Carmen Heiter, product manager, syringes. ‘This prevents sensitive drugs from interacting with the adhesive or the metal of the needle.’ The seal design allows the drug to flow into the needle only at the very moment when the syringe is opened, i.e. when the needle shield is pulled off. The tamper-evident closure enables physicians or patients to see that the syringe is unused.

The special geometry of the glass barrel does not require the use of tungsten during the glass forming process, while the unique design ensures the needle point is fully protected and does not touch the needle shield or any other material.

‘Although this syringe includes a number of special features, the syringe is delivered with standard nests and tubs,’ adds Heiter, ‘and can be filled on standard filling lines.’

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