Schreiner Group adds DNA anti-counterfeiting tech to pharma labels


Applied DNA Sciences will supply its SigNature DNA forensic molecular tag with Beacon screening feature for Schreiner’s high-end security label portfolio

Applied DNA Sciences has signed a Master Services Agreement with Germany-based printing company Schreiner Group. Applied DNA provides PCR-based DNA manufacturing for product authenticity and traceability solutions and has integrated this technology into Schreiner’s pharmaceutical labels.

Applied DNA will supply its SigNature DNA forensic molecular tag with Beacon screening feature for Schreiner MediPharm’s high-end security label portfolio for product and brand protection of its customers’ supply chains.

Schreiner MediPharm will also provide authentication services to its customers using the Applied DNA SigNify portable DNA readers now in use at the Schreiner ProSecure competence centre.

In a joint development, SigNature DNA and Beacon were integrated in Schreiner MediPharm’s security label concepts and processes. These were then validated over the last 18 months during which time the labels have undergone exhaustive environmental and reliability testing by both partners.

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Dr James Hayward, President and CEO of Applied DNA, said: “Schreiner MediPharm is an industry leader who brings top-notch science and engineering to its pharmaceutical label portfolio with a spirit of innovation. Given the reported and continued high incidence rate of counterfeits within the pharmaceutical supply chain, we firmly believe the forensic SigNature DNA-protected labels will be of significant value in ensuring authentic medicines reach patients.”