Sigma-Aldrich and NIST collaboration provides global access to standard reference materials


Sigma-Aldrich expands analytical portfolio with National Institute of Standards and Technology standard reference materials

Sigma-Aldrich has been selected by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to be the first licensed distributor of NIST standard reference materials (SRMs).

This agreement enables Sigma-Aldrich to further expand its global analytical product line and make NIST reference materials readily available to customers worldwide. Sigma-Aldrich and NIST will also collaborate to develop new SRMs for quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance (qNMR).

NIST's 1300 SRMs are used to perform instrument calibrations and measurement validation as part of overall quality assurance programmes to verify the accuracy of specific measurements and to support the development of new measurement methods. Industry, academia and government organisations use NIST SRMs to facilitate commerce and trade and to advance research and development.

‘The addition of these reference materials supports our strategy to augment our offering with products that accelerate customers' confidence in analytical data,’ said Trevor Jones, Vice President of Analytical Business at Sigma-Aldrich. ‘Adding the SRM portfolio to our web-based marketplace offers customers convenient access to a comprehensive range of products for the entire analytical workflow.’

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NIST and Sigma-Aldrich also signed a research and development agreement for the development of a series of primary reference materials used for qNMR. Both partners will combine their analytical expertise and technical resources to purify and certify these new NIST SRMs. ‘NIST will implement multiple primary methods and statistically sound data combination approaches for quantity value assignments to establish higher-order metrological traceability for qNMR measurements,’ said Katrice Lippa, Scientific Adviser for the Chemical Sciences Division of NIST.

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