Telstar develops animal transfer cabinet


Incorporates quiet, low-consumption EC fans while offering greater mobility and efficiency

Telstar has designed a new laminar airflow cabinet for the transfer of animals used in scientific testing that provides greater mobility, efficiency and protection. The cabinet preserves the immunity of the animals without affecting sterility levels.

The cabinet also incorporates low-consumption EC fans, which provide an energy saving of up to 35%, while operating at very low noise levels that help to minimise the stress levels of the animals being studied.

The cabinet is accessible from both sides and has a spacious work area divided into two zones, with adjustable heights for users, making it a versatile working environment for two technicians to carry out their work at the same time. The incorporation of a double HEPA airflow filtration system in the work zone provides workers with maximum levels of protection against allergens, since it prevents cross-contamination and guarantees the highest levels of sterility in the working zones in the interior of the cabinet. In addition, the HEPA filter located in the lower region of the cabinet protects the atmosphere.

The cabinet features a control system with a colour graphical display to which both users have access. Also incorporated are an extraction protection system and an easily removed drip tray to collect fluids, which can be autoclaved. A white fluorescent lighting system, which minimises visual fatigue and reduces reflection, provides appropriate illumination of the working zone.

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The maximum height of the cabinet is 2,347mm, the front opening is 300mm high and the entire construction weighs 180kg. It is constructed in aluminium and mounted on castors, which make it lightweight and easy to transport.