Telstar offers new compact benchtop, lab-scale freeze dryer


LyoBeta Mini is a twin-vessel freeze dryer for research and formulation

Telstar has developed the LyoBeta Mini, a compact version (W94cm x H76cm x D63cm) of the LyoBeta twin-vessel pilot-scale freeze dryer designed for small-scale formulation, research and development work.

Taking up minimal bench space, the LyoBeta Mini is for applications in experimentation, research and formulation to develop recipes in pharmaceutical freeze-drying processes. The new version of the compact lab freeze dryer has been designed in twin-vessel configuration, with an external condenser of 6kg capacity, separately located from the product chamber.

The new model is equipped with an automatic stoppering system that enables an automatic sequence to be programmed and includes an electromagnetic aeration valve and piezo-pressure sensor for use in combination with the pneumatic stoppering device. It offers 0.18m2 of useful shelf surface area with temperature control from –55 to +70°C. A cascade refrigeration system using CFC-free refrigerants cools the shelves and will reduce the temperature of the condenser to –85°C.

Through the integration of a chamber-condenser butterfly-type separation valve a pressure rise test can be performed directly from the control system of the new LyoBeta Mini, enabling the end of the freeze-drying process to be determined. A PLC-based control system enables complete control of process parameters, recipe programming and pressure and temperature monitoring.

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The LyoBeta Mini will be launched at Achema (Frankfurt, Germany, 15–19 June 2015).