Three quarters of COVID-19 vaccine projects use Schott vials


In 2019, Schott announced a $1bn investment in its pharmaceutical packaging business to expand capacity by more than 50%

Schott is delivering vials to three out of every four COVID-19 vaccine projects undergoing phase I, II, and III testing. The company has already delivered millions of glass vials to SARS-CoV-2 programs including partners of Operation Warp Speed in the US.

Frank Heinricht, CEO of Schott says: “We are proud and happy to serve leading vaccine projects and will continue to contribute our utmost to the fight against COVID-19”.

The company already deploys a global validated production network with 20 plants and over 600 production lines for pharma glass and packaging and stands ready to supply the industry.

“Our $1 billion investment, which started before the pandemic to meet global demand for high quality glass packaging, allowed us to ramp up production to quickly address this unprecedented global public health challenge,” Heinricht said.

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The vast majority of COVID-19 vaccines will be stored in and applied from a borosilicate glass container. Relying on existing and proven infrastructures and materials enables the pharmaceutical industry to save time, simply because they have been processing these vials on their lines for decades.

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