Training for the next generation of chemists

Published: 6-Apr-2017

Active learning challenges task chemists with solving real-world problems using digital tools developed by Elsevier

Elsevier, the information analytics company specialising in science and health, has launched a game-based learning challenges: the Reaxys ChemSearch Challenge (CSC).

The challenge is designed to help students tackle contemporary, real-world problems by embracing a transdisciplinary approach to finding solutions.

As part of each challenge, participants will need to take into account external factors such as geography or alternative disciplines.

The challenge is a global event that uses active learning to help teachers and librarians promote information literacy among undergraduate and graduate students, as well as researchers in industry and education.

As part of the challenge, students will be presented with a chemistry-related conundrum each week. Each weekly challenge consists of 4–5 questions.

Students can invest their time in solving real-world problems and spend less time searching for information.

The questions are based on innovations in chemistry, such as extreme miniaturisation and pressing society challenges, such as antibiotic resistance.

Participants have access to Reaxys while they are solving the challenges. The idea is to compete on accuracy and the speed at which they arrive at a solution.

Sumita Singh, Elsevier’s Chief Marketing Officer for R and D Solutions, said:

“The CSC and EAC are designed to enable students to learn how to utilise sophisticated research and scientific information tools to find answers quickly, so they can invest their time in solving real-world problems and spend less time searching for information.”

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